Enhance Your Vehicle with Automotive Window Tints

Increase your car or truck’s visual appeal and safety by coming to Illinois Auto Glass for automotive window tint in Joliet, Illinois. At our auto shop, we staff tinting specialists with more than 10 years of experience. We always use high-quality vehicle window tint materials that look great when applied and continue to boost your vehicle’s appearance long after application. For your convenience, we also offer on-site automotive window tint services. Let our professionals come to your location and tint your car or truck’s glass.

All vehicle window tint and materials used are backed with a lifetime warranty against peeling, fading, and bubbling. We stand behind the quality of our work and want you to be completely satisfied with your car’s new look. If you ever have any issue with our automotive window tint services, reach out to us so we can address it.

Our shop adheres to local tinting laws. By obeying the current regulations, we help you avoid a fine. To learn about automotive window tint rules in the state of Illinois and determine whether what you want is within regulation, contact us.

Advantages of Vehicle Window Tint

Protect your vehicle and your health with our automotive window tint services. While many people simply enjoy the appearance and privacy of tinted windows, there are also many practical benefits of vehicle window tint. For example, tinted windows shield your eyes from sun and light glare, making driving easier and safer. Besides preventing glare, automotive window tiny also defends your skin from direct sunlight and UV rays, which accelerate aging and can cause skin cancers with prolonged exposure.

Other benefits of our vehicle window tint services is the protection it offers your upholstery. Tinted windows stop the heat and UV rays from direct sunlight from fading, warping, or cracking your car or truck’s interior upholstery. It also helps you and your car stay cool during the hot months, so you never show up at work covered in sweat.

Finally, automotive window tint increase your auto glass’s shatter resistance. If your vehicle is in an accident or hit by flying debris, tinting adds an extra layer of protection and can prevent the glass from shattering and hurting you and your passengers. However, should your windshield get chipped or cracked, our shop also offers repair [link to Repair page] and replacement services to restore your car’s condition again. We welcome you to reach out to us for more information on windshield repair and the advantages of vehicle window tint.

Contact us for more details on our automotive window tint services and local tinting laws. Our vehicle window tint specialists proudly serve Joliet, Illinois.