Complete Automotive Windshield Service for All Vehicles

Keep your car in top driving condition by coming to our shop for automotive windshield service in Joliet, Illinois. At Illinois Auto Glass, we repair, replace, and tint glass for domestic and foreign cars, trucks, vans and semi-trucks. Our auto shop also provides glass services for machinery and heavy equipment. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, our auto glass experts are here to make sure you are safe for the road.

Glass Repair for Domestic and Foreign Cars

A small crack or chip in your windshield can have serious consequences for the safety of your vehicle. When you notice damage to your windshield, bring your vehicle to our automotive windshield service shop as soon as possible. Our auto glass experts can repair cracks and chip in now time at a price that fits easily into your budget. To learn more about glass repair services for new and used cars of all makes and models, visit our Repair page.

Replacement for Damaged Windshields

When the damage to your windshield is too extensive for repair, our automotive windshield service shop offers complete replacement. Having a fully intact windshield is essential to your safety while driving, as well as your passengers’ safety. With more than 30 years of experience, our glass technicians ensure your new windshield is properly fitted and adhered to your vehicle. For more details on this service, review our Replace page.

Auto Glass Tinting for Increased Privacy and Safety

Boost the privacy and safety of your vehicle with tinted glass. Our automotive windshield service shop staffs tinting specialists who are qualified to work on all domestic and foreign cars, trucks, and vans. All window tint work done at our shop is backed by a lifetime warranty. Read our Tint page for further information on the benefits of tinting.

Rust Damage Repair Available

Due to local weather conditions, many vehicles suffer from rust problems caused by salt. Our automotive windshield service shop provides minor rust damage repair for the pinch weld of domestic and foreign cars, trucks, and other automobiles. The pinch weld is the area where the windshield is fitted, making this zone vital to the structural integrity of your entire car. Keeping the pinch weld free from rust is important for the vehicle’s glass adhesion and safety features. Trust us with your rust damage repair needs as well as automotive windshield service.

Contact our automotive windshield service shop to discuss your vehicle’s glass needs. We are proud to work on domestic and foreign cars from all throughout Joliet, Illinois.